Prenatal Yoga, postnatal Yoga & Workshops

Rosy has studied with a variety of teachers around the world and draws on a an eclectic array of yoga systems to provide an engaging and grounding class for all levels.  Drawing on her background as a birth doula, her teaching focusses on proper alignment and balance within the female body. The energetics of her class is grounded in practical wisdom, a focus on breath and a greater connection to deep listening . Rosy is specialized in pre and postnatal yoga as well as therapeutic restorative yoga designed to meet each individual’s needs. 

Group classes are as follows: 

Winter series beginning February 2018 

Heartspace yoga

*Preregistration required*

*Private pre and postnatal classes are available on request, please send me an email* 

$85 in home for 75 minutes 

Prenatal yoga Partners workshop

Yoga is an excellent way to prepare the mind, body and spirit for the many transitions of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. In this fun and hands-on workshop, partners will be building their tool kit for supporting their partner during the birthing journey. Partners will learn techniques for breath awareness, partner poses, acupressure and massage, which can help strengthen and relax the laboring woman's body during pregnancy and labor. We will explore visualization and and relaxation techniques that can further assist during labor. Additionally, these approaches will give the woman an opportunity to connect more deeply with herself, her partner and her baby.  Come and enjoy going deeper together and learning some tools for your birth journey!
No yoga experience is required. Please eat a light meal one hour before class, and bring a snack. It is recommended that partners, as well as mothers, wear comfortable, stretchable clothing (no jeans).

*Preregistration required* 

Dates TBC for 2018

Pricing is $50 on the door $45 pre registration  

 Please visit Heart Space yoga

*Private classes available on request*